Photo by Jeanne Berget

Photo by Jeanne Berget

"What's more, you'll be a man, my son." —Rudyard Kipling. 


"How do you do it?"

When I go into public with my four boys, this is the question I get asked most often.

This website is, in essence, a long-winded answer to that question. I don't know have all the answers, but as a professional journalist, I love digging deep to find the solution to hard questions.

And the question of how to raise boys is one that comes up all the time. How to raise boys when all they want to do is play video games? How do we get them engaged in learning? How do we handle all that energy? How do we raise creative, caring, compassionate, confident, capable, hard-working boys, the kind like our fathers and grandfathers?

There are a lot of beautiful websites dedicated to design, lifestyle, and good food. This is not one of those websites. This is a throwback, to a time when boys spent a lot of time out-of-doors, climbing trees, building fires, exploring the woods, working hard, and using up all that harnessed-up energy. To a time when boys were expected to be boys (and yes, that does include manners) and understood in that context.

As a freelance journalist, I've done work for a dozen national and international new outlets, including The Guardian, National Geographic Online, and the Miami Herald, among others. I am a longtime columnist and writer of children's fiction.

Our family loves music, theater, sports, travel, faith, and good food, all of which you'll see represented on this site.

You'll also find posts on how to feed boys, run them, adventure with them, nurture them, and have some good old backyard fun. Please stick around, contribute to the dialogue, and enjoy your own journey to raise the boys.