Breaking the radio silence

It's been a long while since I posted on this site. Every year, when the domain renewal comes up, I wonder whether or not to close it down. But I still have things to say! I think to myself. 

I started with the intent of creating something unique, useful, and remarkable, a kind of Art of Manliness for boys. I had really such grand visions. But along the way, I found it hard to balance content creation with the actual, you know, raising of my own boys. We now live in a different state, bought a 100-year-old home, I've taken on new and exciting writing projects AND I'm homeschooling a few of my kids. It's like having three full-time jobs.

However, after this last school shooting, another school shooting, in which an angry, lonely boy killed 17 of his former peers, I felt this blog shouting at me. I still have things to say! I have so many things to say to the moms of boys. I write entire books in my head about this while I mate socks and referee sibling squabbles and sit in church and talk to my boys about their ideas, visions, hopes and concerns. 

And I figure it's time to get those ideas down on paper. They might not come with impeccable editing or even photos anymore. To me, the words have always been the most important part. But I hope you'll stick around. I hope we can grow a community of parents willing to take action and raise the good boys. Our world needs them. Our country needs them.